a little about me

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I became a Certified Travel Agent in March of 2017. I have always had a passion and desire to have/run my own business. This became even more important to me after I became a mother. I knew I wanted to stay at home with my kids but I also wanted to still contribute to the household income. After trying out a few different avenues with direct sales companies I was introduced to another Travel Agent and it all came together after that.

I was raised with a strong work ethic and always treated my jobs with the respect I felt a business owner deserved for their business. This lead to a longing to one day have a business of my own. I have worked in a variety of different fields including retail, customer service and office administration. All this experience has added to my ability to handle all different kinds of personalities and situations. 

Shortly after having my 4th child I really started looking into becoming a travel agent. As much as I had enjoyed my ventures with direct sales I wanted to find something new and different. I took my time looking and did my research and concluded that becoming a travel agent would not only fit into my life perfectly but also fulfilled my desire to help people. I have a great attention to detail and planning, which also fits in wonderfully with being a travel agent. I also love that I can offer my services to people for FREE. Traveling is such an important, fun and fulfilling experience. It is my goal and passion to make it as special and as memorable as possible.

 I am always eager to learn about new places and love passing that information on to my clients. I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge so that I can better serve those who have put their trust in my services. I take my business very seriously and I strive to show that through the thought and detail I put into planning a vacation. I am always ecstatic to hear how much a trip was enjoyed and how much it enriched the lives of those who traveled.    

I look forward to helping you Start Your Adventure.

Rachael Bross